Basement Studio Story

GPAI is proud to present our rather amazing space we call the BASEMENT STUDIO.

Our first Creative initiative began in December 2016 with little more than a few cushions and a desk and chair we had been donated. As the shop attracted customers, we also attracted ideas and donations which included display shelves. We expanded our creative projects to fill the shelves which in turn provided opportunities for our disability students to learn retail, business and creativity. This was our first PROGRAM on offer.

In 2020, GPAI expanded yet again with the help of a Stronger Communities Grant (thanks to Federal Member for Fairfax, Ted O’Brien) and GPAI Fundraising.

We turned a derelict empty space into a functioning, fun, happening studio full of interest and intrigue. Our Volunteers and Students enjoy so many different activities and community engagement (Social Distancing firmly in place) and we wish to share the visual journey with you, our viewers!

The Empty StudioA: The Empty Studio Empty StudioB: Water, Lights, Action GPAI Basement StudioC: The Basement Studio Takes Shape
Different BaysDifferent Bays Golf Net GPAI Golf SimulatorGolf Simulator
GPAI MuralMurals and Garden GPAI Pallet FurniturePallets GPAI Basement StudioThe Basement Interior
The Students The Team That Make It Happen GPAI RecyclingUpcycling and Recycling