Art Competition


Welcome to the GPAI Creative Team’s Calendar Art Competition Page!

Art CalendarThe inaugural art calendar competition was the brainchild of Michelle and championed by the charity’s own resident artist and volunteer Jill Keating, AKA Jilli K.

The first theme developed by Michelle and Jill centered around the local Nambour region and the calendar art competition was rolled out in 2018 for the 2019 edition called Celebrate Nambour.

Local mainstream artists were asked to produce images of past and present iconic buildings or themes to celebrate the region’s rich history that encapsulated the promise of today and tomorrow.

Adding to the allure of the inaugural 2019 calendar was a competition encouraging local intellectually disabled artists to submit their versions of the Celebrate Nambour theme.

At the end of the competition, three intellectually disabled artists were featured alongside their mainstream artistic peers and provided a page showcasing their beautiful contributions to the 2019 Celebrate Nambour calendar.

The 2019 Art competition was also a great success for the 2020 Calendar with the theme of The Faces of Nambour.

Contributors outdid themselves in 2019 by producing some magnificent pieces capturing the iconic local faces of individuals that have impacted the region and community they love or loved.