Nambour Store

GPAI Creative Store

Our store is a wonderfully eclectic collection of creative ingenuity, up-cycling, re-purposing, and great design with the inclusion of a unique Charity Golf Store. You may browse through Golf Books and Golf Equipment, as well as products such as handmade cushions, bags, cards, and pre-loved items.

With donations of raw materials making up most of our building blocks GPAI Creative works on projects to develop processes and creative experiences for our students who not only assist with concept and design but are encouraged to see the end game or the final product ready for sale. Our students are involved from the receiving of the donation to the selling of the product to the customer in-store. Able to offer their own style or creativity ideas has enabled our students to expand their imagination and their ownership of the goods created. In some cases, the student can start their own enterprise and develop their own brand and range which will be sold in the GPAI Store.

The GPAI Nambour Store is at 89 Currie Street, Nambour and offers a great selection of the following…

GPAI Online Store If you can’t come to our store you can shop online!