Extension Program

Extension Program

Social and Community Programs as an extension to the activity of Golf

Any athletes wondering how they can fill in a few hours or a half day this year?  GPAI is pleased to announce the following ACTIVITIES will be available as part of our new collaboration with Rob from RecCare.

Michelle is happy to discuss funding options or questions about this new social extension program.



NEW Exciting Options Coming Soon*

Heretics Haven is a brand-new games and hobby store in central Nambour. They specialise in tabletop gaming, board gaming, card gaming and role-playing games.

Heretics HavenThese games are a great way to learn cooperative and/or strategic play. They are also a great way to learn basic math and language skill in a fun, social environment.
Many of these games also involve models that can be painted encouraging creative and artistic talent.

Options include:
(i) Learn to play and learn to paint sessions (to help people learn these activities and build a love for our gaming community)
(ii) 45 Minute Game Session in small Private Group (to learn new activities in a safe and friendly environment)

COST: Price dependent on group size, time and selection*

Extension Program