GPAI Membership

GPAI MembershipThere are a number of ways to join GPAI and it all begins with becoming a member.

We value all our members and greatly appreciate their show of support for our programs and projects. We offer a 10% discount off merchandise created by us, and provide an informative newsletter every few months to let our membership know what we are up to.

Levels of Membership (January to December)

Individual Membership: $2.00 per year (GPAI Creative general member)

Volunteer Membership: $2.00 per year (GPAI Golf, Creative or Admin Volunteer)

Athlete Membership: $25.00 per year (GPAI Golf athlete member)

Affiliate Membership: $10.00 per year (Business member)

Talent Pathway Membership: $52.98 per year (Inclusive Talent member)

Members receive a blue plastic card with their membership number displayed as the last four digits. Thanks to The Give Back Campaign for supplying these cards to GPAI since 2015. Many of our members like to have a physical card to retain and remind them of their ongoing interest in our work. Having a membership number allows members to order and purchase over the phone via MOTO (credit card) items such as raffle tickets or tickets for events and tournaments which can save time.

Because the individual or general membership is only $2.00 per year we now offer a five year Membership for $10.00 as some people commented it is easier to stay connected and pay $10 showing support for the long haul. We have made this available in response to our membership feedback. We hear you.

Julie-Ann and Michelle are working on a bi-monthly newsletter that provides a snapshot of the adventures and ventures within the GPAI halls. New people, projects and programs are all exciting and you won’t want to be left out in the cold as we grow toward our ultimate vision of the PBGF. And if you don’t know what that stands for you need to look out for our next e-newsletter and get the goss.