Donating to a Great Cause

Tax Deductible CASH DONATIONS via ASF (Australian Sports Foundation) assist our charity to purchase items such as a PEOPLE MOVER, one of our most important needs. For GPAI to have a bus available to take our disability athletes to Golf Programs and Tournaments is a PRIORITY. There are many other minor projects that over time we will put on our ASF Dashboard. This way your cash donation will go through the portal and you will be able to receive a tax deductible receipt for your generosity.

Australian Sports Foundation


Pre-Loved Golf Balls

GPAI appreciates donations of good quality pre-loved golf equipment.  Items that require re-gripping, zip repair or major work are beyond our ability to manage at this time, so we request only golf equipment ready for sale please.

If you have a golf set, bag or clubs that require little work apart from a bit of tender loving care and a dust up…we would love to have them.

Donated golf balls of any type is certainly something we have a continual need for.  Whether new, pre-loved or a little bit dodgy is okay as we will put them all to good use… feel free to drop them in store at 89 Currie Street, Nambour, Qld, 4560.


  • New golf balls
  • Pre-loved golf balls
  • Empty golf ball boxes (disability students repack with pre-loved golf balls)
  • Golf bags (must have working zips and in good condition)
  • Golf clubs (good condition please)
  • Golf buggies and pull carts (good condition please)
  • Golf memorabilia
  • Golf books


    • Cotton Thread
    • Upholstery Fabric
    • Buttons/Buckles/Baubles
    • Vinyl: Auto Marine or Blinds
  • New Zips
  • Stationery
  • Other