Donations Accepted

GPAI benefits greatly from the donations given by our generous community.

We have limited storage space, so we have created a list of items we can use in our golf programs, our creative projects, our store, or in our office.

Here a few ideas to assist you when next doing a spring clean up!

Most furniture can be cleaned up and sold through our store and/or design studio. We can however only do minor
Pre-Loved Golf
GPAI appreciates donations of good quality pre-loved golf equipment. Items that require re-gripping, zip repair or major work are beyond
Stationery Glue Pens - any brand Uni Posca Pens (White Colour Paint Marker) Bostik Blu-Tack Pens - black and red
Raw Materials GPAI
Items we are wanting to use in various projects... Cotton Thread Upholstery Fabric Buttons Vinyl: Auto Marine or Blinds New